Our Respected Professor, Dr Sainul Haque, By Muzaffar Naznin

Our Respected Professor..,Dr Sainul Haque. By Muzaffar Naznin, Kolkata.

Today I'm introducing one of my beloved professor -Dr Sainul Haque.Respected Dr Sainul Haque was the professor of Anatomy at PCMH Medical College &Hospital from1976 to2013. Pratap Chandra Memorial Medical College is a well renowned medical college in Kolkata. He is the almuni of this institution and taught for 37 long years in the same. He graduated in 1975 and due to his outstanding performance and excellent academic career, he was appointed as professor of Anatomy at PCMH Medical College.I still remember the first day when I wasa fresher in the classroom along with other students, Our Principal- honourable Dr Dharma Das Banerjee entered the classroom with Dr Sainul Haque and introduced him to us.Sir, I mean Dr Banerjee. He told us that Dr. Sainul was his best student and that he was proud of him. And hoped that we would be his best students.
Professor..,Dr Sainul Haque.
Professor..,Dr Sainul Haque
I' m fortunate to have good teachers at our college.l can say with full confidence that not only me, rather my seniors, juniors and my batchmate have learnt a lot from Sir (Dr Sainul Haque).Our College is in north Kolkata and the studentsl looked forward to attend his lecture and learn from him. The students came from far and wide.These included students within Kolkata and also from places like 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hoogly and Burdawan. Apart from West Bengal, students from other states of India like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Panjab, Haryana and north-east hilly region ie Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland have also taken admission at our alma mater.
Dr. Muzaffar Nazneen
Dr. Muzaffar Nazneen
I feel proud to have a teacher like Sir(Dr Sainul Haque).What we're today is definitely the gift of our beloved professor Dr Sainul Haque.We're immensely grateful to Sir and pray the Almighty that He may shower His countless blessings upon Sir.May he live long with good health.
The Alumni of PCMH Medical College. respect him and pay great tribute to our beloved professor.According to him....'Leonine,Valarous and intrepid life of a day is worthiest than 100 years of survival of cowardice.
His massage for the entire mankind is as follows.,...
'May Allah the Greatest Bestow His Grace and Mercy on us.....Amen.

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