The bright star of journalism of India.By– Muzaffar Naznin– Kolkata

The bright star of journalism of India.By– Muzaffar Naznin– Kolkata

The population of India is 2nd largest in the world.India is our native country.There are 28 states and 8 union territories which is home to a large variety of people and among these people many distinguished personalities whom we are proud of.One such state is Bihar which is home to a distinguished journalist...Rashid Ahmed who is one of the top urdu journalist of India as well as he is the editor of esteemed urdu newspaper "Qaumi Tanzeem".He is a true journalist, highly patroitic,strives the betterment and development of India.

Nalanda District Has Historical Importance.The Gupta Period

Rashid Ahmed
Rashid Ahmed
Rashid Ahmed was born on 5th jaunary 1964 in the Nalanda district of Bihar.Nalanda district has historical importance and is dated back to period which is called the "golden period "in Indian history.Nalanda University in Bihar was the most renowned university of India during that period.Nalanda district is the centre for learning and knowledge.
Rashid Ahmed was born in that environment.No doubt it appears from the distinguished personality of Rashid Ahmed.He has completed class x in the year 1982..Then he has passed class xii with flying colours and then completed M.A in economics.
He started his journalistic career from "News Agency"and "Samachar Bharti"Then he attached with" Sangam", "Sandhya" and "Jogantar",the hindi newspaper.His circles become larger and larger day by day.
He became famous all over India as columwriter, article writer.Now he is column writer in esteemed news paper"Qaumi Tanzeem".and is holding position of associate editor of "Qaumi Tanzeem".He is also news reader at All India Radio Patna and associate editor at Doordarshan Patna.Mr.Rashid Ahmed is the professor of department of journalism and mass communication in Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic and Persian university and teaching post graduate students of the department of journalism and mass communication(MJMC).
International Seminars Mass Communication

Participated In Different National And International Seminars

He has participated in different national and internationl seminar and represented India on national and international level.
Due to his remarkable achievement and excellent contribution in the field of journalism,he was awarded from government of Bihar,Bihar urdu Academyand also" Umer Farid Memorial Award" and "Ghulam Sarwar Award".
World Of Journalism
There is vast world of journalism infront of Rashid Ahmed. He has studied deeply holds broad outlook and vision.A person had to work hard to become a shining star from a small particle.One should be passionate, and have patience to in an immense degree.He should be dedicated,determined to achieve the goal and reach the destination.Acording to Mr.Rashid Ahmed,"People thought he was blessed from the start.However he had struggled inititially and failed multiple times but eventually he was successful qnd has achieved so much today.He is incredible human being who never loses hope.
I salute such a top urdu journalist of India for his service in journalism.He is multi talented.At the same time he is a professor,editor,news reader and journalist serving the nation at the zenith level.
I congratulate respected Rashid Bhai for his noble work,outstanding contribution and excellent achievement in the field of journalism and for his God gifted talent, intelligency, brilliancy.and remarkable performances.
Definitely India needs such type of talented person.I feel proud to say that respected Rashid Bhai is great and our nation will be strengthened and stout because of such personality.
Dr Muzaffar Nazneen Kolkata,
Dr. Muzaffar Nazneen

At the end,I congratulate Rashid Bhai for his outstanding performances and excellent contribution in the field of journalism of India.He is like the precious jewel of the crown in the field of journalism and mass communication.May the Almighty Allah swt showers his countless blessings upon Rashid Bhai.....the precious jewel of journalism.
Hazaron Sal Nargis Apni Benuri Pe Roti Hai.
Badi Mushkil Se Hota Hai Chaman Me Didawar Paida.
Dr. Muzaffar Nazneen
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