Online International Mushaera Kavi Sammelan Baray Shaerat for urdu poetess

 Online International Mushaera( Kavi Sammelan) Baray Shaerat for urdu poetess.

Muzaffar Nazneen 


Online international mushaera for poetess was held on 2nd October 2020 Gandhi Jayanti at 7 pm IST on google meet -The first time online international mushaera for poetess was held by  ''Bazme Sabri''.

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Online international mushaera

The mushera was first of its kind.

''Bazme Sabri is the bazm which is named after the world renowned urdu poet honourable Janab Halim Sabir Saheb who needs no introduction.

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He is an internationally famous urdu poet from kolkata---the city of joy. He wrote many books-his praiseworthy book of urdu poetry is ''Shahere Nigaran'',Kolkata, ''Saz aur Awaz''.One can visualise the reality of Kolkata with his own eyes after reading Shahere Nigaran.

Online international mushaera

In his noble book,the poet has shown the scene of Kolkata, The first part as ''pehla rukh'',where the poet wrote the positive aspects of Kolkata.

In the second part,he wrote the negative aspects and in the final part the poet concluded his masterpiece with his analysing conclusion for his readers.

Honourable Anzarul Bashar Barikpuri Saheb is the chief of Bazme Sabri. He is disciple of Alhaj Halim Sabir Saheb and he works for the promotion of urdu language by leaps and bounds-he has dedicated himself for urdu literature&urdu language . He ran from the pillar to the post and the total credit goes to Anzar bhai for the success of this great and historical &memorable online 

international mushaera for poetess.

He organised  the program  online international mushaera for poetess under the presidentship of Dr, Syda Mahenaz Warsi Saheba,who is the most renowned personality of the city of joy  Kolkata.She is a multidimensional personality and has achieved success in different spheres of life. At the same time she is a doctor MBBS,MD,PhD,famous urdu poetess,social worker and much more,She has shown her extraordinary talent in all walks of life,that's why Dr Mahenaz Warsi has got ''Talented Lady Award, Second Mother Teresa Award'',''Begum Ruqaiya Award'',

''Rani Laxmi Bai Award'' as an achievement for her remarkable contribution,Dr Mahejabeen Ghazal Ansari from London UK was guest of honour, She is a renowned poetess and her three books are being published as''Adhure khawaab'',''Sunnehry khwaab'''Zindagi, She is the chairperson ofthe most vibrant association of UK Yorkshire Adabi Forum, Her poetry is being

included in the syllabus of Al Azher university of Cairo and translated in Arabic, She is the first woman of Pakistan who has been awarded for her literature work in Al Azhar University as well as one of the assistant lecturer  is doing PhD ON her work and life,The other international poetess who has participated are Rumana Rumi Saheba from Lahore,Pakistan,Mohtarma Noor Jamshedpuri Saheba from Reyad Saudi Arabia,The national poetess who are participated are Dr,Pervin Kaif Saheba from Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh,Dr Amber Abid Saheba also from Bhopal,Mohterma Rafat Asia Shaheen Saheba from Vishakhapatnum, Andhra Pradesh.

The host poetess are Mohtarma Nigar Ara Saheba from Asansol,West Bengal,Mohtarma Nadra Naaz Saheba,Mohtarma Zartab 

Ghazal  Saheba,Mohtarma Fauzia Akhter Rida Saheba,Mohtarma Bushra Sehar Saheba -all from Kolkata.

The program started at 7 pmIST with the recitation of the Holy Quran by janab Ghulam Shabbir Saheb of Kolkata,

then Naat Encomium recited by Nazim e Mushaera Janab Anzarul Bashar Saheb,

After that myself inaugrated the mushaera with a brief speech,As this was the international

mushaera for poetess,I have focussed on the importance of education,which is the basic need of today and definitely women's education can only help to develop a healthy society,A healthy society can only be born through when the girls should be highly educated,

I put light that the girls should show their performances in all spheres of life,politics,journalism,literature,science,technology,medical science&Engineering,Just after the speech,Ifelt surprised to listen the decleration of Dr,Mahejabeen Ghazal Saheba from UK that was felicitated by''Raza Mazhari Award from ''Bazme- Sabri'' and Dr Parvin Kaif Saheba from Bhopal read the certificate,and then Dr Mahenaz Warsi Saheba has shown the certificate  and momento from Kolkata. After the online international mushaera started with great enthusiasm under  the presidentship of Dr,Mahenaz Warsi Saheba. All national &

International poetess have shown their performance with great enthusiasm,They were 

restlessly waiting for their turn,

The online international mushaera for poetess has come to an end with flying colours,at 10:30 pm after the vote of thanks of honour'ble Alhaj Halim Sabir Saheb,The credit of success of mushaera goes to Janab Anzarul Bashar Saheb,I wish him all success  with sound health and lots of happiness in life,

And at last but not the least I'm immensely grateful to Janab Tauqir Khan Saheb who operated the internet that day during the program.

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