Our beloved professor – Dr Gouranga Goswami - By Muzzffar Naznin

Our beloved professor – Dr Gouranga Goswami - By Muzzffar Naznin

By..Muzzffar Naznin,..Kolkata.
On 4th September 2021,the day before teachers day I got the news on the social media and also on our what's App group that our beloved teacher,former professor of Anatomy at PCM college ,Dr Gouranga Goswami passed away on that morning at R N Tagore Hospital,Kolkata.
Our beloved professor – Dr Gouranga Goswami
Dr Gouranga Goswami completed MBBS from Calcutta Medical College.He was the resident of Kalna,district in Burdawan,West Bengal.
The inhabitant of Kalna imagined imagined him as "Ishwar or Bhagwan" as he was practicing in Kalna and charging only repees 5 to the patient.Dr.Goswami was called "Gorib er Dakter" or 5 taka Dakter" by residents of Kalna.
Professor – Dr Gouranga Goswami
Professor – Dr Gouranga Goswami
I was greatly shocked after getting the news that my beloved teacher and former professor of Anatomy at PCMH medical College is not among us.Definitely I can say that I along with other students like me, our seniors, juniors and my batchmate learnt alot from him.
Dr Muzaffar Nazneen Kolkata,
Dr Muzaffar Nazneen Kolkata
Dr Goswami explained in such a way that we could picturise the chapter very clearly and Anatomy as a subject beccame very easy for us 
The only mission of Dr.Goswami is to serve the humanity.He always wanted to help the poor and underpriviledged.
We,the alumni of PCMH Medical College salute our beloved professor.May the departed soul remain in eternal peace.
Alumni of PCM College.

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