International Women's Day aur Talime Niswan by Muzaffar Naznin from Kolkata India.

International Women's Day aur Talime Niswan by Muzaffar Naznin from Kolkata India

Today is 8 th March and its International Women's Day today. We celebrate International Women's Day globally that is throughout the world. We know that the existence of this beautiful world is due to the existence of women..Education is the only weapon through which we can achieve success. Without education nothing is possible.Health and education are the two basic needs of life. Today we're living in digital world where one can reach from one corner to the other corner within a second and through a slight touch on mobile.This is our remarkable achievement in Science and Technology. We are immensely grateful to the Almighty Allah for providing such an advanced technology. Definitely human brilliancy, intellect, intelligece are the gift of God. This is digital world. Despite advanced technology and cultured society,its bitter true that Indian Society is male dominated.Any one can see the news either in the newspaper, telivision or internet that girls are tortured by male members either physically, mentally or emotionally.. Female foeticide, domestic violence, dowry are still major social problems.

So what's the solution??.

In my opinion the people should think positively. Their angle of thinking should be changed. They must imagine that girls are also the most precious gift of God. She should be educated, highly qualified and career oriented so that she can earn livelihood easily. She should be self dependent. Everyone has the right to pass their life with dignity.We should celebrate International Women's Day with great enthusiasm and convey the massage to promote higher and professional education among girls irrespective of caste and creed.We should take oath to eradicate illiteracy from India as we 'have eradicated the most fatal disease Poliomayalitis by givng oral polio vaccine to the infants and by the slogan"Do bond Zindagi ke" then the purpose of celebrating Women's Day will complete.Cutting and eating the cake on the eve of International Women's Dayis not the actual means of celebrating Women's Day.At last.,.."Happy International Women's Day'!!!.
Muzaffar Naznin from Kolkata India

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