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Naat Sharif Lyrics In English | Naat e Rasool English

English naat
Mohammad ki Naat Sharif English

Naat e Rasool Maqbool

It was the advent of the month of light,
Came the prophet and set everything right.

When he smiled, the atmosphere became bright,
Even though it was the darkness of the night.

Due to the prophet, unity emerged
All the tribes put an end to the long fight

The sun, moon and all stars became bashful
While seeing his face, a wonderful sight

He was the interpreter of the truth,
Made all of the falsehoods thoroughly tight.

From his fingers, sacred water did flow,
His holy touch did turn black into white

The month of light is greater than all months,
“Aini” everyone is filled with delight.

This Beautiful Naat Sharif is Written:
By Sayed Khadime Rasul Aini
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