Eid- ul- Azha | Eid al-Adha

Eid- ul- Azha

Kavi Kumar Nirmal
Dr Kavi Kumar Nirmal

With drinks, the third of the intended house, and you are the honorable ones.
You have a thousand with a long time, because you said in the verses of Mih al- Mouda na Eid Qad Bu.
And be proud of him when he was in your birth, Sa`dil Al- Mas`ud, O Eid, how many are you in Dhir.
Glad in bringing this friel and having a sire nest in a thorn
And the majesty and dignity of Tarif and Tally Ya even but Nayrouz or Nah.

With it, when you are more generous in the wilderness, may God bless the auspicious day.)

Muslim men and women if they are under the shadow of His Majesty the Sultan

Finally, may God perpetuate the days of my sultan, the servant of the state.

Dr Kavi Kumar Nirmal

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