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What Does Islam Say About Time?

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Sound Health Is Worth A Thousand Blessings...

It's One Of The Greatest Blessings That We Do Not Pay Much Attention To.

For Example, Laughing Without Pain And Difficulty Is A Blessing From Allah. If you can Laugh Or Sneeze, Say Alhamdulillah.

What Allah Say About Life?

I Came To Realize This After My Operation. I Couldn't Laugh And Neither Could I Sneeze Without Pain. I Had Many Sleepless Nights As I Wasn't Able To Change Sides.

If You Can Easily Change Sides At Night, Say Alhamdulillah. 

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We Never Consider These Things As A Blessing And We Take Them For Granted.

We Have Made Some Very Petty Matters The Main Cause Of Sorrow And Distress. Whenever We Suffer From Health Problems, All The Other Problems Seem Insignificant And Forgotten Altogether. 

Sound Health Is One Of The Greatest Blessings.

To Laugh, To Sneeze, To Be Able To Easily Change Sides While Sleeping, To Walk Around Without Any Support - The Whole Day Passing Comfortably Without Any Need Of Medicine...all These Are Great Blessings From Allah. Do Not Take These Just For Granted.

Be Grateful And Thankful To Allah For Them.

اللھم اشف مرضانا و مرض المسلمین


O Allah! Heal Our Diseases, And The Diseases Of All Muslims. 


Ibn Abbas Reported: The Prophet, Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him, Said, “There Are Two Blessings Which Many People Don't Value: Health And Free Time.”

Sahih Bukhari: 6412

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